Phase 1 Sculpture

The first sculpture for the Perry Art Park is the “Dayton” by Jim Huntington:  Click here to visit the artist’s website.

Watch this amazing video featuring Phase 1!


The sculpture is about 8 feet high, constructed of granite and steel.  It is designed so one can walk inside and experience the sculpture from that perspective.  This work was commissioned by Laguna Gloria Art Museum in the late 1970’s as part of the “Seven Sculptors Commission”.  Before installation in Perry Park, the work resided on the front lawn of Laguna Gloria for many years so it may look familiar to many of you.

A graceful access trail  leads to the sculpture.  The sculpture is framed with a limestone and decomposed granite platform. 

The sculpture is on loan from The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria to PARD.   Laguna Gloria will provide maintenance as part of their regular outdoor sculpture maintenance program.


Phase 2 will bring two more sculptures to this space.  The vision is an outdoor art sculpture park, with a periodic rotation of pieces from the museum’s collection.