Project – Nature Trail

Perry Park Nature Trail Restoration

Friends of Perry Park is working with various groups to help restore the small nature trail in the wooded section of Perry Park, by the upper soccer field area. Look for the trail with the plant identification markers on posts. This nature trail was put in years ago by Highland Park Elementary kids, with the understanding that the community would maintain it.  Friends of Perry Park has engaged volunteers over the years to help out, and even cub scout troops have helped put down crushed granite on some of the trails.  It takes work to maintain this trail because trailing lantana grows abundantly, completely coating plants, trails, and trees.  As we restore this area we also remove dead wood as part of on ongoing fire abatement project.  Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) chips the brush piles and we spread it on the trails, to suppress growth on trail areas.

A handful of groups are helping with this ongoing restoration.  Little Helping Hands visits Perry Park on regular monthly workdays to help weed the trailing lantana and remove dead brush.  The HPE Green Team works on grooming the trail by clipping back overgrowth and planting seeds and native plants.   Girl Scout Troops have been trimming trails and removing lantana.   Engaging the youth to help in this project has been wonderful.

A Girl Scout Troop also recreated the outdoor learning center near the nature trail, a perfect location.

Many thanks go out the HPWBANA for supplying materials and native seeds for this project.


Green Team PPNT    Pre Restoration Picture



Nature Trail Granite Path